• Stone Magnet Middle School is part of the Brevard Public Schools’ Title 1 Family. Title I is a federally funded program designed to improve achievement that meet the free and reduced percentage requirement of 63% or higher. The Title I project serves 40 public schools and 27 private schools in Brevard County.

    For the 2023-24 school year, Stone received $414,960 to pay for services and programs for our students. Our goal is to help our students at Stone Magnet Middle School be successful learners. With the continual input and feedback from all of our stakeholders (parents, students, Stone faculty, community partners, and business partners), this process will help us plan together how these monies will be spent.

    The Title I Vision

    Title I provides support through resources and research-based training, enabling schools to develop high quality, enriched programs that meet the individual needs of all children, families, and staff.

    By providing a positive, caring environment with high educational expectations, Title I safeguards that all individuals feel capable, connected, and able to make worthwhile contributions to their community. Title I schools design their own program, including grade levels and subject areas to be served, instructional models, and staffing plan based upon the unique needs of students at that school. Each school coordinates the Title I plan with the schoolwide improvement plan. 

    If you have questions about applying or any questions about being a Title 1 School, I welcome you to contact our Title I Coordinator, Jenny Gates at 321-723-0741 ext. 35053 or email gates.jennifer@brevardschools.org.


Ms. Gates, Title 1 Coordinator

picture of Ms. Gates, the title 1 coordinator

Important Documents

Surveys and Meetings