• Brevard Virtual TV Productions

     For more information about Brevard Virtual Television Productions please contact

    Franchesca Rosado-Rockwell - (BVTV sponsor)

    Phone: 321-222-0472 Email: rosado.franchesca@brevardschools.org

    The Television Production Program at Brevard Virtual School provides students with the opportunity to use their communication and creative skills to produce weekly Brevard Virtual Announcements.

    Students will actively be involved in both field and studio productions for a variety of purposes including:

    • Recording school wide activities, and field trips.
    • Studio production will be at home announcements or teacher student interview sessions
    • The emphasis placed on producing, video shooting, and editing skills.
    • Learning basics in editing
    • Students can also collaborate with teachers and peers to come to make creative videos and informative videos for BVTV teachers and students.

    Looking for students who:

    • Are creative story tellers, writers, and on-screen personalities.
    • We need self-starters that love to interact with people and learn about video technology.
    • Between 3rd - 12th graders