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    Welcome to the Manatee Elementary Parent - Teacher Organization, also known as the Manatee PTO. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the families and staff at Manatee Elementary. Our membership consists of families who are enrolled at Manatee, all Manatee staff members, and community members who are actively involved with the school. Together we bring a wealth of knowledge, talents, skills, and opportunities to enhance our children’s education. Have an idea, question, or want to get involved? Email us at ManateeVieraPTO@gmail.com


    Our vision statement:

    Building on the interests of the students, the Manatee Elementary PTO partners with families and staff to streamline communication and create engaging opportunities that foster a sense of belonging, enhance academic success, and promote community involvement.

    The Manatee PTO depends on its membership to support our school and community events; fundraising opportunities; and cooperative spirit. We look forward to and appreciate your involvement, energy, ideas, and any time you can contribute to supporting our efforts. Thank you for being part of our team! Email us at ManateeVieraPTO@gmail.com to start making a difference!



    It is the selfless involvement of the hundreds of Manatee volunteers and families, coupled with a supportive business community, that is the backbone of our Manatee PTO. Together, we are able to support our teachers, students, school, and community. Thank you in advance for your participation. Should you have any questions, ideas or feedback of any kind, please don’t hesitate to contact the Manatee PTO at ManateeVieraPTO@gmail.com  Your involvement really does make a positive impact!


    Volunteer Registration

    ALL school volunteers & visitors must be registered with Brevard Public Schools. The only exceptions are if you have a meeting with your child’s teacher (or administration) or you are attending a grade-level event in the cafeteria.


    To become a registered volunteer you must fill out the form at District and School Security / Volunteers  AND get fingerprinted at the School Board Building on Judge Fran. BLVD. The 35$ fee is currently waived.