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    Parent and Guardian Lunch Friday (See Sign Up Below)

    We are excited to announce that we will be offering a day each week that a parent or guardian can come and eat lunch with their child. 

    Please be mindful of Croton's rules and procedures: No soda or energy drinks and no cell phone use. Thank you!

    Please NOTE: Your child's lunch time falls within the block of times listed, it doesn't necessarily start at the first time listed. See below for lunch times: 

    PreK - Carter 10:40 - 11:10
    VPK - Shinn 10:44 - 11:18
    K - Folger 10:48 - 11:22
    K - Williams 10:52 - 10:56
    K - Snell 10:56 - 11:30
    K - Harrigan 11:00 - 11:34
    1 - Jersey 11:07 - 11:40
    1 - Daily 11:10 - 11:43
    1 - Kilcommons 11:13 - 11:46
    1 - Menendez 11:16 - 11:49
    2 - Dorr 11:19 - 11:52
    2 - Love 11:22 - 11:55
    2 - Wright 11:25 - 11:58
    3 - Collins 11:30 - 12:03
    3 - Girard 11:33 - 12:06
    3 - Martin 11:36 - 12:09
    3 - Scheumann 11:39 - 12:12
    4 - Silianoff 11:42 - 12:15 
    4 - Baryczak 11:45 - 12:18
    5 - Warren 11:48 - 12:21
    5 - Tipps 11:55 - 12:28
    5 - Katz 11:58 - 12:31
    5 - Doom 12:01 - 12:34
    6 - Alonso 12:04 - 12:37
    6 - Alonso 12:07 - 12:40
    6 - Saucedo 12:10 - 12:43

    Because of limited seating in the solarium, lunch is limited to parents and guardians at this time. Parents will need to utilize this sign-up sheet to reserve seating of no more than 2 adults per visit.  Please help us by following these procedures so that we can continue this practice throughout the school year (Please read carefully):

    1. The online pre-registration is required to attend due to the limited number of seats.  We will publish the Signup Genius every Monday at 2:00 pm for the upcoming week and the link will also be emailed to you. The link will be active until Thursday at 2:00.
    2. When you pre-register, you will select whether you are purchasing a school lunch or bringing your own food.  Adult lunches are $3.10. Also, please specify your child's name and teacher's name.
    3. Student’s lunch times are 30 minutes long.  You may only eat with your child at their designated lunch time (friends are not allowed to join), and in the designated area.  Students must return to their class at the end of their lunch time. It is your responsibility to know what time your child eats lunch.
    4. Visitors will sign-in the front office with a State Issued I.D. to get a yellow badge and then meet Mrs. Westfield or Mrs. MacPherson to check-in for lunch.  Your child will be escorted and meet you in the Solarium for their lunchtime. 
    5. Parents/guardians must return to the office when their child’s lunch is over to check out.  You may not walk your child back to class.
    6. If you are having lunch with your other child(ren) you may wait in the front office until their specific lunch time.

    We are thrilled to be able to offer you the opportunity to eat lunch at school with your child!  We can’t wait to see you in the building!



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  • Croton's School Calendar

    Calendar Cover

    Check out Croton's Calendar for Upcoming Events!



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  • Cell Phone Contract Information

    Croton Elementary School is in the process of reviewing our signed SY2022-23 Student/Parent Cell Phone or Wireless Communication Device (WCD) Contracts.  If your child has a WCD Cell Phones signed contract with accurate information on file at the school, thank you.  If there has been a change in your child’s WCD or Cell Phone, please review the School Board Policy (link below) and complete a new contract (link below) or one that was sent home.  We will review the School Board policy and contract at our School Advisory Committee meeting on Tuesday, March 21, at 3:00 and at our Parent Teacher Organization meeting on Tuesday, March 21, at 4:00.

    Cell Phone Contract - English

    Cell Phone Contract - Spanish

    Cell Phone Contract - Portuguese

    School Board Policy 5136



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  • Substitute Teachers Needed

    Create your own work schedule! Substitute teaching is a very flexible job. You could work 5 days a week or only 1 day a week if you choose.

    In order to become a Substitute Teacher with Brevard Public Schools the applicant:

    1. Must be at least 18 years of age (Elementary Only) otherwise 21 years of age.
    2. Present a valid Social Security and FL Driver's License.
    3. Be physically able to perform the duties of a substitute teacher.
    4. Have earned the Minimum Education Requirement (HS Diploma or equivalent).
      ParaPro Test may be required (
    5. Complete all required employment paperwork (See Career Pathway steps)
    6. Pass required pre-employment screenings (Drug Screening and Security Clearance).


    Pay scale :

    With a High School Diploma or Associates Degree - $15.00 per hour
    With a Bachelor’s Degree or Higher - $17.50 per hour
    Retired Teachers - $21.25 per hour

    PLUS an extra $20 per day to substitute at Croton!

    Please follow the link below to start the online application process.

    If you have additional questions please contact Kendra Appleton at 321-633-1000 ext. 11205 or


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