• Registration Days

    • General Registration Day: Wednesday July 27 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at HHS
    • New To Brevard Enrollment Only – Ongoing: Call the guidance registrar at x29022

    Registration Day Procedures

    1. Complete the Registration Packet before registration day. 

    2. Enrolling parent/guardian and student(s) will enter through the gates from the main parking lot. 
    3. Check in 
    4. Bring your completed Registration Packet with you the day of registration. 
    5. Two Proofs of Residency: 1) usually FL driver’s license, and 2) utility bill, voter’s registration, vehicle registration (Details are on Brevard Public School website under Parents & Student, then select Registration Information.) These may be uploaded as PDF or images to HHS Proof of Residence. This link is also on the HHS website under Registration.
    6. Photo ID Card: Required for all students to carry daily at school.
    7. Activity Fee: $2 cash only
    8. Optional: Bus Pass, Focus Parent Account, Monies Owed, Parking Fee, Free/Reduced or Prepaid Lunch
    9. Pick up student’s schedule