• The Library Mission statement: The mission of the library media center is to create information-literate citizens who effectively access, evaluate, and use resources to encourage and prepare students to be life-long learners.

    The library provides materials and services that meet the academic, technical, personal,and social needs of the school community. Materials for school libraries are selected by professionals who are trained to develop library collections. Collections are based
    on the needs of each school’s population, curriculum, and are independent of their personal opinions or beliefs.

    The media selection policy includes a wide range of materials with a varied range of reading and interest levels. Book selection is based on but not limited to student interest,instruction, cultural representation, socio-economics and various points of view. Because
    libraries are forums for information and ideas, books are provided for the interest and enlightenment of all students and teachers.

    As with all other aspects of a student’s education, parents are encouraged to be involved in a student’s book selections. The books in the media center, whether part of a specific reading program or not, are available for the review of all patrons.

    Families may browse the collection of your school media center by visiting this site:

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    Approved Supplemental Reading Materials and Library Media Center Collection Procedures

    Parental Rights: Approved Supplemental Reading Materials, and Library Media Center Collection Procedures

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  • The Heritage High School Media Center Mission Statement:
    The Heritage High School Media Center will create a positive, student-centered learning experience that serves to support classroom/teacher curriculum,  share, motivate, and support student achievement and accomplishments, and prepare students for real world critical thinking and work skills while promoting literacy in all students.