• Physical Education K-2 and 3-6 

    Students and parents,  I thank you for your willingness to visit my page for ideas while we are out of school.  I wish we could all be together playing our games and exercising in PE class or having fun together in our after school jog squads as usual.  I miss the fun as much as all of you.

    Students - I would like for you to go and search your house, garage, closet for anything that you can use for a game to play or for an exercise to participate in.  Examples: a jump rope, a basketball, a racket or a paddle and a small ball, a beachball, a frisbee disc, maybe some cones to set up a boundary for a game of tag. 

    Parents - I would like you to help your child find a safe spot to have some fun.  Let your child explore and create a new game or help them play a game that we have played before or an idea that I will be listing below in the coming days.


    I will be updating this page weekly with something we have already covered in PE class in the hopes that your child can remember how that activity was performed and the rules.


    Starting Monday March 30th - Week 1

    K-2 PE Turtle Tag - You will need at least 2 people to play this very fun and easy tag game that has elements of chasing, fleeing, dodging, running, jogging, tagging, and a little bit of strategy. One person is the tagger and the rest of the players are the turtles.  Taggers try to tag the turtles. If a turtle is tagged, the turtle lies upside down for 5 seconds before getting back up or can be helped up by another turtle who is still in the game.  If a turtle is about to get tagged, the turtle can hide in its own shell by getting on hands and knees for no more than 3 seconds.  Change taggers and turtles as needed.  All students in grades K-2 have played this game this year and it was FUN!  Be safe during this game by finding a safe space to play.

     K-2 PE Toss, Bounce, Catch - Don't have a partner or partners to play turtle tag?  You can play this game by yourself with any type of ball.  This activity involves hand-eye coordination, which was the exact concept we were working on in T-Ball before our vacation.  In an underhand motion, toss the ball above your head, the higher the better, let the ball bounce on the ground one time, and then try to catch with either one hand or two!  Count how many times you are successful.  My record is 18 times in a row.  Who can beat me?  I may need proof...email me a picture of yourself performing the task to my school email address or email me the total number of completed catches written on a piece of paper along with the ball you used.  I may even post it to the school Facebook page.


    3-6 PE Student Choice Work with the Components of Fitness  -  Now that everyone is familiar with Health and Skill Components of Fitness, HEALTH (flexibility, cardio-fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance) and SKILL (agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time, speed) you will be choosing one component from each category and practicing that for the week. Example: I am choosing flexibility and coordination.  For flexibility I will be performing sit and reach and trunk lift practice 10 times each every day (fitness testing) and for coordination I will be using my racket with a ball and bouncing the ball on the racket in the driveway for 30 minutes.  

    Other examples: practice cardio-fitness by running back and forth like the pacer test, practice balance by performing deep knee bends with a wide stance, practice reaction time by dribbling a soccer ball by yourself or passing a soccer ball with a partner.  Be creative in your quest for getting some much needed exercise in and if you like, take a picture of yourself in action and email it to my school email address and I may even post it on the West Melbourne Facebook page!

    Have fun this week!