• Effective immediately: Due to safety protocols, we will no longer be accepting phone calls to dismiss students.

    A written note or email must be received by Attendance prior to releasing a student.

    At Heritage's new teacher and mentor meeting we celebrated Ms. Lindsay Bauer (Social Sciences) as our Emerging Teacher of the Year and Mr. Christopher Szeman (Water Technology) as our Rookie Teacher of the Year. 

    💚 Jennifer Rock is the Heart of Brevard 💛
    The Heart of Brevard is a person who puts their heart and soul into teaching, inspiring, and supporting our children in whatever role they play in BPS.
    If you know of a BPS staff member or community partner who is the “Heart of Brevard,” nominate them on our website!

    Congratulations Ms. Spitler!

    Our November CHAMPION! 


    Please congratulate “EMMA SPITLER” for receiving this month’s Champion Award. She serves as a CHAMPION for our students, who will never give up on them and understands the power of connection and insists they become the best they can possibly be!





    "Every student deserves a CHAMPION: A person who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists they can become the BEST they can possibly be." - Rita Pierson, Educator