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    WMSS Music Education

    Music enriches the BRAIN!


    Please contact Mrs. Villanueva any time with questions/ concerns! Mrs. Villanueva's email!


    WHY is it important to continue music while you're learning from home?  Click this link to read about all the research-based reasons why music will help your child develop (ESPECIALLY now that stimulation for your child's brain may be more difficult to accomplish!) IMPORTANCE OF CONTINUING MUSIC


    IMPORTANT: Where to start!

    -- Log into Quaver music! Directions are under the links section of THIS site. Hint: if your child has created a quaver account, they will need to log out of that account and use the log in credentials below:

    Quaver Username: BPSMusicStudent

    Password: student


    --There are multiple opportunities for music enrichment.

    OPTION 1: Quaver

    1. Login to Quaver

    2. Click ASSIGNMENTS

    3. Select your grade

    4. Work through at least 1 lesson per week

    OPTION 2: District Bingo Board

    1. Select at least 1-2 activities per week (found under my links tab on this site)

    OPTION 3: Extra Enrichment Lessons

    1. Open your grade level under links

    2. Complete at least 1 activity per week