• The School Store is open most days before school from 7:40-7:55am.  Sixth grade students help with the operation of the school store, including suggestions for items purchased for resale, setting up & putting away items for sale each day.  These student volunteers also assist school store customers with their purchases.  In April of each year, 5th grade students are selected to take over for the following school year, they are “trained” by the current sixth grade volunteers.  These students “work” together for a few weeks and in May the 5th graders take over responsibilities.  Students must be able to perform mental math calculations and make change for customers.  Items sold include pencils, mechanical pencils & lead refills, erasers in many shapes and sizes, pencil sharpeners and various other items.  Prices usually range from 5 cents to $1.00.


    6th grade-first semester

    5th grade-second semester

    Ms. McCarthy, Sponsor