Edgewood Athletics

  • Edgewood Athletics seeks to teach the virtues of teamwork, dedication, and competition, and we endeavor to instill a lifelong participation with athletics through building positive experiences and relationships on all of our teams.

    While we strive for athletic excellence and the opportunity to play at the next level or beyond, we also recognize that such opportunities are few and far between. As a top-ten school in the state of Florida, we pride ourselves on our academics. Our students are bound for difficult jobs in challenging fields, undoubtedly burdened by cumbersome schedules and abundant stress. That's where their athletic backgrounds come in. We want our students and alumni to be able to fall back on their athletic backgrounds to maintain a solid mind/body balance in their lives. Strenuous day of preparing a new rocket for launch? Get out on the court and sink some threes. Just scrubbed out from a four-hour bypass surgery? Clear your mind with a long run. On the road for a multi-day business trip and a ton of meetings? Find your peace out on the links.

    It is our hope that Edgewood athletes, be they Olympians or optometrists or both, will learn and continue to practice healthy, athletic lifestyles through their years with us and beyond.

    If you have any questions, please contact our Athletic Director, Andy Kaltenbach

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