• “The world is but a canvas to our imagination.” 
    -Henry David Thoreau

    The Academy of FAME is a place to explore the imagination.  FAME stands for Fine Arts & Multi-Media Entertainment and opened to upcoming 9th and 10th graders the Fall of 2009. 

    The Academy of FAME prepares Merritt Island High School students for a career in the field of Performing Arts, Visual Arts and/or Technical Arts:

    *PERFORMING ARTS (theatre, dance, chorus, band, orchestra, communications, debate)
    *VISUAL ARTS (drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, videography, drafting, stagecraft design, digital arts)
    *TECHNICAL ARTS (tv production, journalism, music editing, movie directing, sound engineering, game designing, lighting programming, 3-D animating) 

    The Academy of FAME is committed to a high-quality education in the field of Fine Arts and Multi-Media Entertainment through academic, performance and technical coursework in preparation for the 21st century workforce and the post-secondary educational arena. 

    The Academy provides:

    * A “school within a school” concept
    * Small learning community environment
    * Interdisciplinary Curriculum with hands-on learning experiences
    * Individualized Program of Study in student’s area of concentration
    *Honors and Academic Programs with Teamed Teachers
    *Career-site field trips
    *Scholarship Opportunities with Individualized Counseling
    *Professional Mentoring and Career Shadowing 

Important Information