Welcome to Dual Enrollment

  • ...And welcome to Summer!  RHS Guidance Hours are limited throughout each summer.  Students who have not registered for fall classes by the end of the school year should come to Guidance ASAP to complete their registration and ensure they get into the classes they want.  A counselor will be available on most days throughout the summer, though schedules will vary.  Questions can also be emailed to counselors.  Response times will vary depending on individual summer schedules.  Mrs. Fenech will be available on Mondays and Tuesdays throughout June.  Available courses can be viewed at the EFSC Class Schedule Search. Students may select classes at any campus.  They must provide their own transportation and allow ample time to travel to and from campus.  E-Learning classes will be held in the traditional online format with a flexible schedule.

    Please use the links in the menu under Overview for quick navigation through the Dual Enrollment section and stop by the COVID-19 FAQ page for answers to the most common questions.  All procedures have been updated to accommodate the shutdown (including course registration and textbook information) and will continue to be updated as new information comes in. See the Orientation page for detailed information on completing the new online dual enrollment orientation.

Types of Dual Enrollment

  • Rockledge High School students can participate in Dual Enrollment in any of the following ways: 

    Courses on RHS Campus

    Rockledge High School offers two healthcare classes, along with the Patient Care Assisting program, during the school day.


    Part-time Dual Enrollment

    Students may take 1-3 classes each semester at EFSC to earn high school and college credit simultaneously.


    Collegiate High School

    (10th & 11th grade only)

    Students beginning 10th or 11th grade can earn their Associate of Arts degree while also finishing their high school diploma.


    Early Admission

    (Seniors only)

    Students entering the 12th grade can apply to attend EFSC full-time for their entire senior year.  Applications must be submitted during 11th grade.


    Full-time Dual Enrollment

    (Seniors only)

    Seniors can choose to attend EFSC full-time during  the spring semester.


    To be elgible for courses on an EFSC campus, students must have completed the 9th grade, have a cumulative, unweighted GPA of 3.0+, and obtain college-ready scores in both reading and writing on a standardized placement test.  Please see specific program pages for additional/alternate requirements.

Updates & Announcements via Remind

  • Dual Enrolled students should sign up for updates via Remind:

                        Class             Code

                        2021             @rhs-de21

                        2022             @rhs-de22

                        2023             @rhs-de23

                        2024             @rhs-de24


    To schedule an appointment with the RHS Dual Enrollment Counselor, please e-mail Allison Fenech at Fenech.Allison@brevardschools.org.

    To contact Rockledge High School's EFSC Dual Enrollment Advisor, please e-mail Angela Garibay at GaribayA@easternflorida.edu.

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