Fairglen's Mission Statement

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    Fairglen Elementary School’s vision is to develop well-rounded, productive, and successful citizens by serving every student with excellence as the standard.

    Title I provides support through resources and research-based training, enabling schools to develop high quality, enriched programs that meet the individual needs of all children, families, and staff.

    Title I is a federally funded program designed to improve achievement at schools with a high percentage of students eligible for free and reduced priced lunches. Every student enrolled in our school is eligible for Title I services. Programs are designed to serve children who need extra help in meeting state standards.

    Our school has coordinated the Title I plan with our School Improvement plan. Parents who are elected to serve on the School Advisory Committee (SAC) participate in the development and review of all school plans. Copies of plans are available upon request from the front office.

    At Fairglen Elementary School our Title I program utilizes three computer labs. We also provide intensive small group instruction for students in grades K-2 to positively impact student learning. The computer programs provide individualized instruction for each child in grades K-6. Children are referred to Title 1 by their teacher.