Read Across America Day is March 2, which is also Dr. Seuss' Birthday. In honor of this day, South Lake will celebrate reading all week, through the beloved Dr. Seuss stories.

    A Dr. Seuss story will be read on the announcements each day to coincide with the spirit day. Each day/book is connected to a South Lake STEAM character trait.

    Monday 2/28 Oh the Places You Will Go

    Spirit Wear: Wear Fun Run shirt and sunglasses (because your future is bright)

    STEAM Trait: Self Discipline - You show self discipline when you work hard to meet your goals.

    Tuesday 3/1 Green Eggs and Ham

    Spirit Wear: Dress green

    STEAM Trait: Trustworthiness - Be a good trustworthy friend

    Wednesday 3/2 Wacky Wednesday

    Spirit Wear: Dress wacky tacky

    STEAM Trait: Excellence - Find excellence in every day.

    Thursday 3/3 Maybe You Should Fly a Jet! - Maybe You Should Be a Vet!

    Spirit Wear: Career dress up

    STEAM Trait: Ambition - Work hard to be all that you can be

    Friday 3/4 The Cat in the Hat

    Spirit Wear: Crazy Hat or dress up as your favorite Dr. Seuss character

    STEAM Trait: Manners - Have manners and always make good choices