• The Professional Development Certification Program is designed to develop quality teachers for the students of Brevard.  PDCP, is a competency-based, job-embedded educator preparation program preparing teachers to meet the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices. PDCP offers face-to-face, hybrid, and distance learning opportunities for the professional educator.  PDCP is an alternative path for those coming into the profession on a temporary teaching certificate.  Program participants complete a job-embedded portfolio, take inservice courses designed to support their instructional practices, and work toward passing their professional certification exam.  We serve all PreK-12 classroom teachers.  Candidates can apply for PDCP during open enrollment periods, once they have met the initial eligibility requirements. 

Steps to applying for PDCP

  • Registration for PDCP is now open until May 21, 2021.  

    Step 1 - Watch the PDCP orientation video PDCP Orientation and open the PDCP Brochure 2020-2021.

    Step 2- At the completion of the video, email Lisa Stanley with any questions (Lisa's email). If you are not a BPS employee please email Lisa Stanley prior to completing the forms. 


    Step 3 - Complete the online application. Once the registration window closes, all information will be reviewed. Acceptance into the program is contingent upon all requirements being met.  You will be notified individually regarding the next steps for PDCP. 









  • Do you have specific questions about your statement of eligibility? 


    Please contact our district certification specialists:

     For Middle and High School Teachers  Dinah Kramer's Email

    For Elementary School Teachers  Sharon Doucett-Doran's Email