• The Professional Learning Certification Program is designed to develop quality teachers for the students of Brevard.  PLCP, is a competency-based, job-embedded educator preparation program preparing teachers to meet the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices. PLCP offers face-to-face, hybrid, and distance learning opportunities for the professional educator.  PLCP is an alternative path for those coming into the profession on a temporary teaching certificate.  Program participants complete a job-embedded portfolio, take inservice courses designed to support their instructional practices, and work toward passing their professional certification exam.  We serve all fulltime PreK-12 classroom teachers.  Candidates can apply for PLCP during open enrollment periods, once they have met the initial eligibility requirements.



Applying for PDCP


    Enrollment for PLCP is currently closed and will open in September 2024.  Please contact Lisa Stanley if you are interested in joining PLCP. 

    If you would like to take a course prior to officially enrolling, below is the list of requirements* based on certification areas:

    course requirements












    *Course requirements can be impacted by your enrollment date and state updates to the program. 

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