Hints for Service Learning

    • Do be flexible. It is rare to find the “perfect” fit right away. Keep an open mind—you might discover something new that interests you.
    • Do be persistent. Volunteer coordinators are often busy, so don’t assume they’re not interested in you if they don’t call you right away.
    • Do attend orientation meetings. Keep in mind that informed volunteers are the best volunteers. These meetings will help you do the best job possible.
    • Do take necessary training classes. Ask about them before you decide to get involved and be prepared to learn what will be  needed.
    • Do be responsible. Show up on time and follow through with your commitments. People will be depending on you.
    • Don’t expect to start at the top. You have to work hard and prove your worth before you are given more responsibility.
    • Do expect to get plenty of personal enjoyment and satisfaction from your service learning experiences.

    Examples of Local Resources for Service Learning Ideas

    (Must be Non-Profit Organizations)

    Churches and synagogues
    Organizations such as the United Way—and their many affiliates     
    Mayor’s office
    Civic service groups, such as the Elks, Rotary,      Kiwanis, Lions clubs, Moose, Shriners
    Food pantries, shelters for battered women and the homeless
    Zoos, animal shelters, conservation groups
    Hospitals, hospices
    Residential facilities for disabled persons or abused children
    Schools and libraries
    Local community and volunteer centers
    American Cancer Society
    March of Dimes

    These are suggestions only. Edgewood does not endorse any of the above organizations.