Parent Volunteer Information

  • When can I start logging hours each year and when are they due?

    Parents can start logging hours for the next school year the day after school is out. We encourage parents to turn in half of the hours by the end of the 1st semester and all 20 hours are due by May 1st.


    Where do I sign up as a volunteer if I am coming from private school or have never signed up before?

    Parents can use this link to get all up to date information on how and where to sign up as a BPS Volunteer. 


    Do parents have to complete more than 20 hours if they have multiple children at Edgewood?

    No, each family is responsible for 20 hours in total.


    How do my hours get counted?

    There are parent log sheets available in the front office or scroll to the bottom of this page to get a digital copy. The hours must be recorded on this sheet and turned in to the front office for the hours to be credited. It is each parent’s responsibility to record and submit volunteer activities on the log sheet.


    Can I count hours worked at my church or favorite organization or alongside my student in his community service project?

    No, parent hours, unlike the student hours, must only benefit Edgewood. Except for A+ Thrift Store in Merritt Island and Saturn Elementary in Cocoa, our Partner School.


    Can all 20 hours be completed by collecting Boxtops for Education? 

    Yes, all 20 hours can be completed with boxtops. They must not have expired and be accompanied by a log sheet or they will not be counted. Boxtops can also be credited online. Bring in a screenshot of your totals and your hours will be recorded. Ten boxtops equals one volunteer hour.


    If I buy tickets to a basketball game how many hours can I earn?

    Each parent that attends the game will earn hours for the time spent at the game, this does not include any transportation time. It will be the same for drama productions, parent meetings, chorus concerts, etc. Ticket stubs should be attached to the log sheet.


    If I complete more than 20 hours can the extra hours count towards next year?

    No, hours cannot be rolled over to the following year. However, the school benefits from all hours contributed by parents. Participating in school activities gives parents the opportunity to directly impact their child’s school and feel part of the Edgewood family. Remember, our students are so successful because of parental support.


    If I sign in at a meeting or an event, do I still need to log those hours myself?

    Yes, the sign in sheets are for other purposes and have no connection to your volunteer hours. Please log those hours on your log sheet.


    Do I earn hours volunteering or donating to Project Graduation?

    Parents can earn a total of 10 hours towards Project Graduation.


    Can I earn hours donating items to the school?

    Due to a change in procedures we can no longer accept donations in lieu of parent hours. You may log hours spent driving and/or shopping for donations. It is our hope that parents will continue to donate, which benefits our students and teachers throughout the school year.


Parent Log Sheet

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.