Suntree Cafeteria

  • Welcome to Suntree's Cafeteria

    Cafeteria Manager:

    Natalie Boutillier

    Phone: 321-242-6486

    Lunch Prices.

    Students: $2.10

    Adults: $3.10


    Parent Information

    When eating lunch with your child, only registered volunteers will be permitted to sit at the student tables with their child/children. All other parents and visitors are welcome to sit at the guest tables along the north wall. The picnic tables are still available for lunch alfresco. However, only the child/children of that parent may sit outside the lunch room. Please let the cafeteria monitor know before taking your child from the cafeteria.

    Parents and visitors must continue to sign in at the front office and wear a badge clearly visible to personnel at all times.

    Student restrooms may not be used by parents or visitors. Parents/visitors may use the restrooms in the front office.


    Special Offerings

    Parents! If you want to provide cupcakes or cookies for a birthday party or other event, please contact the Suntree cafeteria. We can accomodate special orders and have them ready when you need them. This will save you from having to make a special trip to the bakery. It is preferred that these items are served in the Cafeteria at the classes regular lunch time.

    Cookie Cake $10.00 Serves 24    
    Cookie Cake $18.00 Serves 54      
    Cupcakes $0.50 each        
    Cookies $0.25 each        
    Brownies $10.00 Serves 24      
    Ice Cream $5.00 Students will pick out item when they go through the line      
    Pizza $5.00 8" Pizza      

     Other baked items available as well. Please call ahead (2 to 3 days) to place your order.


    Student Rules Of Cafeteria Conduct

    Waiting in Line

    • Stand quietly in a single-file line with your feet on the floor (not on the wall).
    • Keep your feet on the ground. Don't put them on the wall.
    • Talk quietly to the friends standing next to you. Do not yell.
    • Remember to get everything you need when you go through the line, including: spork packet, ketchup, taco sauce, etc.

    At the Table

    • Sit (on your bottoms) at your table with feet under the table.
    • Talk to neighbors. Don't yell across the cafeteria.
    • Do not get up from the table (for any reason) until your teacher arrives at your table and dismisses you.
    • Raise your hand if you need something from the cafeteria monitors.
    • You may not go back through the line once you have been seated.
    • Students should bring a drink with them to the cafeteria or purchase one when they go through the line. We only allow students to use the water fountain for occasional emergencies.
    • Save enough of your drink to last through your whole meal.
    • Go to the restroom BEFORE or AFTER you come to the cafeteria. We only allow for occasional emergencies.
    • Remind your parents and siblings to sit with their feet under the table as well.
    • Remind your parents to "wear" the yellow badges they printed in the office.
    • If you drop something on the floor, pick it up. Throw it away when your teacher dismisses you from the table.
    • No food sharing.
    • No bag popping! (that is an alarming noise).
    • Keep your feet on the floor.