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    BETC 2010

    Handouts from the BETC 2010


    This free MLA- style bibliography builder is available courtesy of Dennis G Jerz at the University of Toronto.


    Where in the world does your class what to go?? Lets Go!

    Constittuion Day

    Activities and Lessons for Constitution Day

    Discovery Education

    Woderful tool for lesson planning , video clips so much more

    Edhound Hotlist

    On this site teachers can be guided through the process of creating personal hotlists of curriculum resources or online worksheets.

    Florida Electric Library

    Has wonderful archived materials for social studies.


    It is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education and provided lessons plans,activities and projects.

    Holiday Zone

    Info Please

    Wonderful resource for all subject areas

    Just Read Florida

    This website has everything, from Employment Opportunities, District K-12 Reading Plans, Reading Endorsement, Grants Information and Reading Resources


    Find the lexile level of a book


    elementary educational materials from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 6.

    Note Star

    Designed for students in grades 4- 12, Note Star assists in taking notes from online sources.Once their notes are gathered, students may then organize

    Pete's Power point Station

    All ready made power points for any topic

    Rain Forest Lesson Plans

    Many Lessons and Webquests for a Rainforest unit

    Reading Rockets

    Teaching kids to read and helping those who struggle


    This provides generic rubrics (including one for research projects) that can be adapted, customized, or used as is.


    Everything you need for a Dolch Kit


    A collection of rubrics for research papers, hyper studio presentations, web page design, editorials, collaborative projects, and more.


    School library media Kids, an innovative new site packed with games and book trailers

    Story online

    This is where actors participate in a online video streaming reading program.


    This site will help teachers find a book(s) that teachers may want that are not in Sea Park’s Media Center.

    Sunlink - Presentations

    Presentations already for made for you. Click for wonderful useful information.

    Teacher tube

    A vision for teaching with 21st century technology

    Teachers at Random

    a wonderful resource for you. It has suggestions for books that tie into subject areas.

    Teaching Books

    This site is a useful tool to find Author Programs, websites Author Programs, websites,

    The graphic Organizer

    The site has examples of different types of graphic organizers including examples