Supply Lists

  • Students Should Come Prepared With These Items

    In order to be prepared for the school year, students should come to school with the appropriate supplies. These lists can be found in many local stores throughout the summer. We also post them here for your convenience.

    Suntree teachers and administrators appreciate your support in providing the requested supplies for your children. However, we are sensitive to financial hardship and would like to help if you are in this situation. Please contact our guidance counselor at if you are in need of assistance. She will be able to provide your child with basic supplies.


    Supplies may now be purchased in kits from 1st Day School Supplies.

    Note: Headphones or Earbuds are necessary for every student.

    All students are required to provide their own headphones or earbuds. These will be stored in a Zip-Loc bag on which the students name will be written. The headphones will be used in the classrooms or will accompany the students to the computer lab. Personal headphones will help to ensure each student's personal health.

    Headphones or earbuds may be purchased through 1st Day School Supplies, or at local retail, discount, or dollar stores. Any style will work as long as they have the 3.5mm (small) plug that will connect to a standard computer headphone jack. Intermediate grades may wish to consider headsets with a built-in mic, but this is not a necessity.

    Please refer to the supply lists provided on the right side of this page.


Supply Lists