• Noodle Tools is the current citation generator used and supported by EJSHS Media Center.

  • Features


    Citing, Annotating and Archiving Sources

    Recognize and evaluate relevant, credible sources, generate accurate MLA, APA, and Chicago references with personal help from experts, and annotate and permanently archive your online documents and articles.

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    Taking Notes, Organizing and Outlining

    Make connections, develop original ideas and articulate arguments. Use our intuitive, visual “tabletop” to manipulate, tag and pile notecards, then connect them to topics in your outline to prepare for writing.

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    Collaborating with Peers

    Work simultaneously from different locations and view each other’s changes in real-time.

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    Sharing with Instructors

    Assign work, monitor students’ progress in real-time and provide feedback directly at the point of need.

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  • First Time Use

    The user will be prompted for the school code for first sign on. The "School Code" for Edgewood Jr/Sr High School is 077703.

    Returning Users 

    1. Click on the Noodle Tools app in Google Drive (under the Google "waffle menu) - Instant access


    noodle tools sign in via google

    2. Access via Launchpad/Noodle Tools or this direct link

    (On Noodle Tools page click ACCESS VIA G SUITE and then sign into school Google account)