• Creating Source Citations with MLA 8


    Key differences from MLA 7 (all in creating Works Cited entries):

    • One standard method applies to every source type
    • There is not one "right" method for citations; there is flexibility for the type of source you are using
    • URLs are now included (no http:)
    • Vol., no., and pp. now included for volume, number, and page numbers.
    • Authors can be usernames (sources must still be credible)
    • Omitting the publisher (if the same as website title)
    • Omitting publication city
    • Clarification on shortening long titles 
    • The use of containers

    Containers are the elements that “hold” the source. For example, if a television episode is watched on Netflix, Netflix is the container. Both the title of the source and its container are included in a citation.

  • How do I cite a source from the electronic databases?

    How do I create a hanging indent (where every line but the first is indented) for my Works Cited page?

    In Google Drive:

    • Find the ruler at the top of the document
    • Click on the little triangle and move the margin to the .5 mark
    • Then, click the little rectangle and move it back to the 0 mark
    • Here's what it should look like when you are done:



    In Microsoft Office 2007 and later:

    • Highlight text 
    • Right click and choose Paragraph
    • Change the Special tab to Hanging (might as well Double space while you are at it)