• Types of Financial Aid




    Work Study

    • These funds do not need to be repaid

    • Funds are generally earned through academic merit or scholarship applications
    • These funds do not need to be repaid

    • Students qualify through grants based on financial need, which is determined by the SAI from the FAFSA application. Students who do not complete a FAFSA are ineligible for grants

    • The FAFSA application must be completed every year while the student is in school to recieve funds


    • Loans must be paid back, with interest

    • Federal student loans include Subsidized Loans (interest does not start to accrue until the student is done with school) and Unsubsidized Loans (interest start immediately)

    • The Parent PLUS loan is a loan that a parent may apply for to help their student cover the costs of attending university

    • Private loans are loans through financial institutions for which the student applies. Generally, students will require a cosigner, as they likely have not established a sufficient credit history

    • The SAI from the FAFSA Application determines eligibility

    • Students apply for a position through their college and earn funds through their work

Scholarship Search Engines

  • Make an account on one or more of these scholarship search engines, and based on the information you put into your profile, you will be matched with scholarships you qualify for and can apply for. 

  • More Ways to Pay for College



FAFSA (Financial Aid) Information

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FAFSA (Financial Aid) and Scholarship Contact


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George W. Jenkins Scholarship

National Merit Scholarship

  • For 11th Graders Only- PSAT NMSQT

    The top 30 10th grade PSAT scorers will be invited to retake the PSAT in October of 11th Grade to try to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Program. If the student is invited and would like to participate, they must let our testing coordinator, Ms. Underwood, know by September 15th of their junior year, and pay $20 (cash). 

    Students that retake the PSAT in 11th grade have the potential to qualify to become a National Merit Scholar based on their exam results, which if qualified, can lead to National Merit Scholarship opportunities. 

    Click here to see how to become a National Merit Scholar Finalist- https://www.kaptest.com/study/psat/how-to-become-a-national-merit-scholarship-finalist/ 

    Click here to see which schools offer full-ride scholarships for National Merit Scholar Finalistshttps://blog.collegevine.com/national-merit-scholarship-full-ride