• Benefits of being a Cambridge Student

    The AICE program offers students one of the most demanding and rigorous college preparatory programs in the world. 

    The State of Florida Universities and the Bright Futures Scholarship Program each award one extra quality point (Grade Point Average) for students who successfully complete an AICE course with a passing grade. ie: A=5.0gpa

    Students have the opportunity to earn an AICE Diploma directly from the University of Cambridge. 

    Students are eligible for college credit for those AICE examinations they pass and are awarded individual General Certificates of Education by Cambridge (see College Course Equivalencies for more information).

    AICE Diploma recipients who have earned 100 hours of community service are eligible for the Florida Academic Scholars Award through the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship. This award grants four years (120 credit hours) of free tuition, fees and a book stipend.

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