Stuck at home??? Let's see how much you can read! Join the Quarentine Read Challenge. Log your reading, share what's good. When we all return, we'll celebrate with a big lunch - all participants are invited. Didn't do the 20 Book Challenge? No worries - we start fresh today!

    Rules - 

    • Print, e-books and audiobooks all count. News articles? They count..if you read the whole thing! What about listening to an author read aloud a book on Youtube? Still counts. It all counts. Check out the reading page to find ways to get digital copies of books.
    • If you are reading online, share the link so I can read it too. It needs to be a longer article to get credit...listicles don't count. Look for paragraphs. 
    • Your reading and reviews may be shared with others, but you can keep them anonymous if you want.
    • This is a time you can share what you like to read with others. The important thing is that you keep reading. 
    • We all read a different paces and have different levels. We all read for different reasons. Don't worry if what you are reading wouldn't be an accepted form during regurlar school. This isn't regular school. If you are reading...it's OK. 

    Log your reading here: Quarentine Reads Challenge