Gifted Services

  • West Shore's gifted students have many opportunities to accelerate and enrich their learning. The acceleration mechanisms inherent in the design of West Shore, provide an opportunity to individualize learning based on individual strengths and maturity. Taking high school courses in the middle school years, college Dual Enrollment, Advanced Placement classesand Early Admissions are just a few of the ways that students can progress at their own rate.Classroom teachers modify content, process and pace in their classes for those gifted students who need enrichment in their regular classes. Service Learning is also considered one of the best practices for serving gifted students. Because service learning involves the identification of a problem and direct action to improve the situation, it provides a real life laboratory to implement and extend the concepts learned in school.

Gifted Coordinator

  • Ms. Angela Feldbush is the gifted coordinator at West Shore. In this role, she supports students, parents and staff in helping gifted students receive an appropriate education. She also works with staff to develop classroom resources as well as with individual and small groups of gifted students who need more academic enrichment and extension. Students and parents may contact her with any questions or concerns.  Students of 7th and 9th grades will be contacted to assist in the development of their educational plans.

Gifted Homerooms

  • West Shore's gifted homerooms are comprised of all gifted students. The Homeroom Advisor is a Gifted Endorsed teacher, who has been trained in nurturing the gifted student. The curriculum in gifted homerooms has been specially designed to meet the needs and challenge the gifted learner.

    The homeroom components in their year long schedule are as follows:

    • Team Building
    • Reading Component
    • Character Education and Service Learning
    • Career Component
    • Team Building