• Beginning Band

    Beginning Band consists of 7th and 8th graders who have no prior knowledge of playing a band instrument. No musical experience is required. Students are provided instruction in the development of fundamentals of posture, tone production, breathing, instrument care, music reading, rhythm, musical terms and symbols, and proper performance techniques are taught.


    Concert Band

    Concert Band is made up of students who who have completed one full year of beginning band. Music fundamentals, tone production, and music theory are reinforced in the classroom  environment. Students have various opportunities to perform at school, civic festivals such as the Winter and Spring concerts, All County and All State Band, and District solo and ensemble.


    Symphonic Band

    Symphonic Band is comprised of mostly 8th grade band students who have completed one year of beginning band and/or intermediate band.  Symphonic Band studies and performs challenging wind ensemble literature. This band performs at events such as Middle School Night, Concert Music Performance Assessment, and the Winter and Spring concerts. Individuals of this ensemble may also choose to perform at the district solo and ensemble festival and the All State and All County Bands. Private lessons are strongly encouraged as students are required to perform at a high level of musicianship.


    Jazz Band

    Jazz Band consists of students in Symphonic Band who show an interest in the study of jazz music. The basics of Jazz music (history, improvisation, theory, literature) is taught throughout this course. Selection is based on auditions that take place at the end of each year. Students in Jazz Band will participate in school, civic, county, and district festivals and performances. Jazz Band students are required to attend numerous performances throughout the year.