• Frequently Asked Questions

    Will I be placed in band if I put it on my schedule?

    Absolutely! Band is never full!


    Do you need to be able to read music?

    Absolutely not. We teach everyone from scratch. We test you on all of the instruments and then teach you how to play and read music all at the same time!

    Why am I tested on an instrument if I don’t know how to play one?

    We test each instrument to find out which one you can play the best naturally.

    Do you get to pick whatever instrument you want?

    The instrument will pick you. We test you and help you get fitted for an instrument that you naturally have the easiest time playing.

    What if I already play an instrument?

    If you already play an instrument, you may take an audition to be placed in the appropriate band level. Please email Ms. Kinion for more information.

    Can I start to learn before school begins?

    Yes, we have summer band camps available where we fit you for an instrument. All of the information will be available before the summer begins. The camp is a ton of fun and you make lots of friends before school even starts!

    How much does it cost?

    There is no band fee. While most kids will rent to own an instrument ($20-30 a month), there are some school instruments available for a small fee. Band instruments are $50 for the whole year but are very limited in supply. Scholarships for qualifying students are also available for materials and instruments.

    How much time is required outside of school?

    For Beginning band, besides the three concerts a year, there is little time outside of school unless students wish to participate in outside events. Extra help for additional credit is available.

    What type of parental commitment is required?

    All we ask from parents is that they make sure that their kids have the appropriate equipment and support their children in their new endeavor. We do have opportunities for extra help in different areas throughout the year if your schedule allows. We also have a volunteer coordinator that communicates and schedules events with parents such as fundraisers, chaperoning trips, and organizing band functions.


    What types of events does band participate?

    When students progress to the upper groups, the band participates in a variety of performances: fundraisers, community events, and performances with Merritt Island HS as well. Students also perform concerts as a program twice a year.


    What are the benefits of being in music?

    Music is for you and your friends. We get to play at sporting events, take trips, and compete as a group and individuals. The teacher’s work us hard, but we also have a lot of fun.


    Can I be a part of other activities?

    Yes! We want our members to be involved with other activities, but we ask that if there is a conflict that the student take responsibility to resolve them or find a compromise with all parties.


    Do you need to take lessons?

    Lessons are highly recommended and our directors will provide a list of teachers available.


    Why is music fun?

    You get to learn a new instrument and be with your friends all at the same time. Plus experience all the great performances throughout your time at Jefferson Middle School.