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  • Students in high-achieving schools are now named an ‘at-risk’ group, study says from The Washington Post

    Warmest Regards Wildcats,

    With increased pressure to succeed from every angle it is important that we are aware and on the lookout for warning signs of stress overload in our children. I thought this article painted a very clear picture for all of us in helping to understand…and also help our young people balance and manage high degrees of expectations and demands. As you know, family is the most important support network and with our home and Wildcat family as one, we can certainly manage and overcome a lot of this together. Thanks in advance for reading this great article and I hope you glean some valuable takeaways as I have done.  Have a great week…. and when the heck is some cold weather coming. I learned something the other day that Fall in Florida is just Summer…with Pumpkins!!

    Mr. Fleming