• Students may be able to make up most work missed for grade or credit within the nine (9) days per semester. All educational requirements for the course shall be met before a passing grade and/or credit is assigned.

    1. 1-3 days absence not pre-arranged
     If work was announced prior to the absence, it is due the day the student returns.
     If the test was announced prior to the absence, the student should be prepared to take the test on the day of the return. The student must take the responsibility to arrange a time with the teacher to take the test.
     If the work or test was assigned during the absence, the student has the same number of days to make it up as he/she was absent unless the teacher’s schedule doesn’t permit. According to the teacher’s discretion, a make-up test can be completed up to 5 school days after the student’s return.
     The student has the responsibility to contact the teacher for the make-up work or to schedule time to take a test. Failure to do this may result in a 0.

    2. Partial day absence
     If a student is in attendance at school any part of the school day, the student is responsible to turn in whatever is due that day to the appropriate teacher. If the teacher is not available, the student may hand the assignment to staff in the front office and the item will be placed in the appropriate teacher’s box. Staff members are not responsible for work that is lost.
     If a test or lab is missed, refer to the policies in #1.

    3. Field trip: academic or athletic. (Lists of students participating in school sponsored and approved activities will be sent to the teachers by the sponsor coach.)
     Students are expected to hand in work to teacher before leaving on the trip
     See rules for #2.
     Multiple days’ situations (ex. state tournaments) will be handled on an individual basis.

    4. Pre-arranged 1-3 days absence
     Previously assigned work and projects are due before the student leaves.
     Assignments or test given during the absence, follow rules in #1.

    5. 4 days – 2 weeks absence
     Students have up to 10 school days (depending on the number of days missed) at the teacher’s discretion to make up the work.
     It is the student’s responsibility to gather the make-up work from the teacher and to arrange with the teacher a time to make-up tests and labs.

    6. 3+ week absence
     Time frame will be determined on an individual basis.

    7. Students enrolling in school after the school year has begun without a transfer grade
     All work must be made up.
     Students are not guaranteed credit for courses in which they enroll after the 9th day during the semester.

    8. Students leaving campus without permission or skipping class
     Students are not allowed to make-up work for this type of absence. Attendance will designate this absence on the attendance screen with a code of ″U″.
    Students that are absent when a large amount of work is assigned prior to a long weekend will have a proportional amount of time to complete the make-up work after their return.
    A pattern of absences on test day or project due-dates may result in the denial of an opportunity to receive credit for the test or project.