Academic Support Programs

  • The goals of Academic Support Program is to provide instructional support to students at the time of greatest need.  These services may be provided before, during and after the school day.

    Criteria for Students

    Grade 3-6 students scoring in the lowest quintile on the Florida State Assessment (FSA).
    K-6 student identified as deficient in reading and/or mathematics.

    Scope of Program

    • The student is identified and a Progress Monitoring Plan (PMP) is initiated by the classroom teacher.  
    • The classroom teacher makes the instructional recommendations, approves activities, materials and assessment to the ASP teacher.
    • The ASP teacher completed the PMP with identification of ASP activities, materials and assessments.
    • While services are being provided, the classroom teacher and ASP teacher are responsible for the student's PMP.
    • Evaluation of progress will be indicated by ASP teacher through documentation on the PMP.

    The instructional format in ASP will include but not limited to:

    • Small group sessions in specific areas of reading, mathematics, and/or science (student hall or timeout rooms are not acceptable), as identified on the PMP.
    • Small group sessions using alternative programs and materials, providing the specific academic support needed by the student as identified on the PMP.


    Each school creates a plan for providing the Academic Support Program that is approved at the district level.  If you have further questions about ASP, please contact your school administration.


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