• Stone Magnet Middle School will provide high quality, innovative instructional programs that promote choice, equity, diversity, and academic excel-lence for all students. We are committed to offering high interest Crime Scene Investigations along with our Forensic Sciences. These programs excite and prepare our students to continue in fields associated with forensics in higher education or can be used directly in the workforce.

    Students in the Forensic Science Class follow an intensive year long curriculum which emphasizes science, mathematics, and investigative skills. We prepare our students to be highly competitive in the Forensic field. The program is designed to encourage and prepare students for entry into college curriculum or related fields of study.

    The purpose of the program is to provide all students with a motivating, skill-based curriculum which teaches job specific forensic skills, facilitate student awareness of forensics and allied professions, and start the preparation and training for endless op-portunities in the future. Students will have opportuni-ty to learn about high paying careers and exposure to various occupations to fulfill their dreams.

    Students introduction of the Forensic Sciences at the middle school level will help them in the deci-sion making process of becoming a Forensic professional.

    This semester course exposes students to a wide variety of traditional Forensic careers and advanced concepts in Scientific Analysis and Terminology. Emphasizes the scientific principles and methodologies used by forensic scientists to solve problems. Includes DNA technology, pathology, toxicology, and societal issues. Scientific inquiry, laboratory investigations, measurement, problem solving, experimental design, data analysis, and safety procedures are integral to this course.