• What is the International Career-Related Programme?

    The International Career-Related Programme is open to Melbourne High School students interested in developing skills both personal and professional necessary to be successful in their future education and career interests.

    The International Career-Related Programme at Melbourne High School is open to students enrolled at Melbourne High School and completing a career and technical education program (see below). 

    What makes the Career-Programme at MHS right for you?

    • Integrates academic and practical learning by developing esential skills
    • Use current technology
    • Earn Industry Certification
    • Relevant experience through Internships and Service Learning
    • Student centered education
    • Earn college credits
    • Earn Bright Futures hours through service learning

    "For students who want to complement traditional learning with the practicality of career-based studies, the IB career-related program could be a good option.  Few educational programs offer the invaluable combination of the theoretical knowledge and real-world application." - US News and World Report

    What Career Pathways are available?

    • Applied Engineering
    • Digital Design
    • International Business (Internship)
    • Cybersecurity
    • Patient Care Assistant
    • Emergency Medical Responder
    • Culinary Arts
    • Building Construction

    Every student has the opportunity to earn professional certification in each career pathway above.

    Curriculum Enhancements

    Required within the 4 years of high school

    • Core courses at all levels
    • Elective course choices
    • Career Pathway courses
    • IB Personal & Professional Skills course - taken during Junior and Senior year
      • students develop five core copmpetencies for personal success
    • Two IB courses (4 max) - taken during Junior and Senior year
      • Eligible IB Courses:
        • Psychology SL
        • Film SL
        • Theater SL
        • History SL
        • Biology SL
        • Physics SL
        • Computer Science SL
          • College Credit in each IB course listed is earned through IB Exam Scores

    Interested? have questions? or ready to apply and need assistance?... Please contact: Cosgrove.Lesley@brevardschools.org    

    or the Coordinator for the International Baccalaureate: Mason.Jennifer@brevardschools.org