• EPO (Educational Program Option) Open Enrollment

    Window of application:  January 10, 2022 to February 28, 2022

    Open Enrollment is for:

    • Applicants NEW to the Cambridge Programme
    • Renewal Applications (for students currently IN the program but live outside of the KMS school zone)


    Please apply via the Family Dashboard on the BPS website:



    KMS Cambridge Application Requirements

    • Complete online application via Family Dashboard--includes to current proofs of residency
    • 2 Teacher Recommendations:  this will be done online.  When opening the district application, you will need to submit the name and email address of your child's CURRENT English and Math teachers.
    • Student Handwritten Essay:  Please address the following prompt--"Why am I interested in the Cambridge Programme?"  Explain what you hope to learn from the program, and how you think it will help you to be a better student.  This is to be HANDWRITTEN and a MINIMUM of 100 words--you may write more.
    • Test Data--more details to come--most recent FSA Reading and Math scores