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    We are here to support our students and families with their individual needs as they prepare to transition from school age into adulthood.  

    Our transition programs are inclusive of independent living, employment training, adult services and community participation that will support each student's range of interests and needs.

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    Our Programs



    Brevard Learners Achieving Successful Transition

    BLAST was designed to meet the needs of Exceptional Education students who are 18-22 years of age.  BLAST focuses directly on transtion opportunities and post secondary goals of students who have deferred their diplomas.


    LEAP is a community nonpaid internship program (4 hour/day, 2 days/week)  for young adults with disabilities, ages 18-22, who have met most of their graduation requirements and are pursuing a future involving paid employment. 


    EMPLOY is a Community Internship Program (full day) dedicated to providing education and employment training to young adults with disabilities through an innovative workforce and career development model that benefits the individual, workplace and community.  Our primary goal is to secure competitive employment outcomes at the end of one year.  Students must be a client of Vocational Rehabilitation.  Students will participate in 4 internships to explore a variety of career paths within the community.  

    Project Search

    Project Search is a collaborative partnership with Health First, Vocational Rehabilitation, and Brevard Public Schools that provides a one year internship program for students with disabilities, age 18-22, who have deferred their high school diploma and are looking for competitive employment after one year.  Students will participate in 4 internships to explore a variety of career paths within the hospital.  

    Coordination to Community Programs

    Community programs may be available for students age 22 and over who have accepted their diploma and exited Brevard Public Schools.  These programs would be for individuals who need day services or additional supports in living and work skills training.  






  • Contact The Transition Team

    Transition services are coordinated at the school level. 

    If more information is needed about the transition process, please contact

    • Terry Matson, Transition Resource Teacher,   321.633.1000 x.549
    • Kathy Petrie, Teacher Trainer for Transition Services   321.633.1000 x.514
    • David O'Brien, Coordinator for Students At Risk  321.633.1000 x.575