• What You as a Brevard County Public School Secretary or Administrator Need to Know About Workers' Compensation

    In your position with the School Board at one time or another, an employee or official school volunteer will come to you to report that they were injured on the job or while serving as a volunteer. This section is designed to assist you with knowing what to do following a report of an accident resulting in an injury or being a witness to an accident with a resulting injury. It is our desire to provide you with the following as a way to answer most questions you might have, but if, after this information, you still have questions, we are a simple phone call away and are happy to assist (321) 631-1000 ext. 11620.

    The first thing you need to know is that all work related accidents resulting in injury to an employee or volunteer must be documented in writing on the Risk Management Incident/Accident Report form and the employee/volunteer must complete a post-accident drug screen if they wish to seek medical attention now or in the future. This is required to see whether the employee is requesting medical attention at the time of the report.

    The Districts Third Party Administrator for work injuries is "Sedgwick CMS" (866)350-8665 to report the injury. 


    Important Documents 

    Worker's Compensation Procedure

    Worker's Compensation Checklist

    Post Incident Report

    Post Incident Call- In Sheet

    Post-Incident Drug Screening Procedure

    Payroll Process for Worker's Compensation

    Supervisor Report

    Sedgwick CMS Contacts

    Additional Contacts

    Workers Compensation Mileage Form

    FACT Brochure English

    FACT Brochure Spanish

    Witness Statement  NEW