• What You As A Brevard County Public School Employee Need To Know About Workers' Compensation

    If you are reading this page, you are likely doing so for one of two reasons. First, you suffered an on-the job injury and need to know how the District will take care of your medical care and payment for wages lost if you cannot work. Secondly, you are either curious, stumbled across this page, or have an interest in knowing your rights with regard to claims involving workers' compensation. In either scenario, we are glad you have come to this page and hope that you find the information provided helpful. We would recommend that you consider the following:

    1. Listen to the attached presentation below regarding workers' compensation. This is a fourteen (14) minute presentation that explains your rights and responsibilities with regard to workers' compensation. Many of your questions should be answered during the presentation.
    2. Listen to the attached presentation regarding the drug-free workplace. Over the years, many have expressed concern or even refused to go for a drug screen following a report of an injury. Doing that does place your employment in jeopardy and this six (6) minute video will answer your questions about this policy.
    3. Following the two video presentations below, review the list of questions provided for further clarification of any question you might have regarding your claim or your rights under Workers' Compensation. These questions can be found directly below the video presentation.

    We hope you find both presentations interesting and helpful.

    In addition to the two presentations above, you will find twenty-five of the most frequently asked questions following a workplace accident and injury. We certainly believe it is valuable to read all of the questions and their respective answers, but we are realistic and know that you may just need to know the answers to one or two. As a result, we have listed each question below for your consideration. We invite you to read each question and if any of the questions might apply to your issue, click on the question and you will be directed to the answer. If after reviewing the answer, you still need clarification, or if these questions do not answer any of your questions, please contact the Office of Risk Management for assistance at (321) 631-1000 ext. 11620.

    It is our sincere hope that you will never need to file a claim or suffer an injury on the job. If you are here out of necessity due to a work injury, we are very sorry you were injured and hope that you are receiving the care needed to allow you to get back to your pre-injury status as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

    What Injured Workers Need to Know Frequently Asked Questions