• Hurricane season in the Atlantic begins June 1 and ends November 30.

    Property damage from a hurricane or natural disaster within a school disrict can represent a substantial loss to the general fund whereby dollars are diverted from educational activities.  The Office of Risk Management administers a self-insured property program along with excess property insurers once the district has met its deductible from a single event.  The Office of Risk Management also submits claims to FEMA if the storm is declared a federal disaster by the President of the United States.  FEMA's program requires documentation of losses simliar to that of an insurance claim; however, not all damage eligible under a property insurance program is automatically reimbursed by FEMA.  The Office of Risk Management will work with the insurance carriers and FEMA to insure maximum recovery is achieved. 

    Please click the follow links for futher instructions and information regarding property loss during a declared disaster:

    Brevard Public Schools Compensation Policy During a Declared Emergency
    Brevard Public Schools Financial Services Documentation Instructions
    Disaster Relief Initial Inspection Form
    Daily Activity Report Form

    Before the Storm Check list:
    •  Bring outdoor furniture and equipment inside and remove all covered shade structure on playgrounds if possible
    •  Back-up hard drives
    •  Disconnect and unplug electrical equipment
    •  Move computers and electronics off the floor and away from windows
    •  Cover equipment with plastic
    •  Clear off desks
    •  Store items up off the floor
    •  Clear roof and storm drains

    After the Storm Check List:
    •  Complete the Disaster Inspection form and send to Risk Management
    •  Use FISH numbers for building and room identification
    •  Indicate wind or water on damage form
    •  List furniture, fixtures and equipment damages
    •  Take photos room-by-room of all damage and label and send to Risk Management