Sunshine State Young Readers Award Books 2019-2020 List for Grades 3-5

  • The Ambrose Deception

    by Emily Ecton Year Published: 2018

    Three students are chosen seemingly at random to participate in a scavenger hunt with a ten thousand dollar prize. Is Melissa a forger? Or an entrepreneur? Is Bondi a con man? Or a hard worker? And is Wilf a thief? Or filled with adventure? These three children race around Chicago trying to solve their clues first. But there is much more than meets the eye. This scavenger hunt, and all of the people associated with it, are more than meets the eye.

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  • Annie’s Life in Lists

    by Kristin Mahoney Year Published: 2018

    Fifth grader, Annie thinks it’s all her fault when her parents decide to move their family from Brooklyn, NY to Clover Gap, population 8,432 and so does her brother! Annie blames her amazing memory on the move and hides her ability from her new friends. Then Annie discovers a secret hidden among papers in the attic. What really brought her family to Clover Gap and will they ever be able to call it home?

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  • Ben Franklin’s in my Bathroom!

    by Candace Fleming Year Published: 2017

    When Ben Franklin accidentally gets transported to the 21st century, he can’t get enough of all the modern inventions like indoor plumbing. Will Nolan and Olive be able to figure out how to return him to his own time before anyone finds out? A great combination of history and humor that everyone will enjoy.

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  • The Bicycle Spy

    by Yona Zeldis McDonough Year Published: 2016

    Marcel dreams of competing in the Tour De France, even though the race has been canceled for the last two years due to the German occupation of France. While riding his bicycle to make deliveries for his parents bakery, he discovers a secret that will change his world. Will Marcel use his bicycle racing skills, and be brave enough to help his family with the resistance movement and save his friend and her family from serious danger?

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  • Bob

    by Wendy Mass & Rebecca Stead Year Published: 2018

    It’s been five years since Livy last opened the door to the bedroom closet, but Bob, a small green being wearing a chicken suit, has been patiently waiting for her to return and help him figure out his identity and where he belongs. After all, a promise is a promise.

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  • Cosmic Commandos

    by Christopher Eliopoulos Year Published: 2017

    Jeremy and Justin are identical twins, but the only thing they have in common is their looks. One morning Jeremy finds a decoder ring at the bottom of the cereal box; he is not very impressed. Little does he know, the ring actually grants the owner a wish. Jeremy suddenly finds himself inside his favorite video game. He will have to battle all the villains to win. Jeremy has never beat the final level of the game. Justin has really good ideas and tries to help. Jeremy is not used to listening to his brother. Will Jeremy be able to get the help he needs to save his town?

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  • Dragon with a Chocolate Heart

    by Stephanie Burgis Year Published: 2017

    Aventurine is a feisty young dragon who tries to go on adventures/huntings with her family, but they keep telling her she is too young and not ready. She disagrees and is going to prove it! This spunky dragon gets tricked into drinking hot chocolate and then transforms into a human girl. Her desire for chocolate takes her on a whole new adventure into the human world!

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  • Enginerds

    by Jarrett Lerner Year Published: 2017

    Beware of the Robots...they want your comestibles! Ken and his friends, a group who call themselves the Enginerds, face off against the biggest problem they’ve ever faced...or created. With some surplus chopsticks, a timely news report, and some ingenuity, the Enginerds face off against the robots in an epic battle to save their town, and possibly, the world.

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  • Ghost Attack

    by David Lubar Year Published: 2017

    Lex gets to spend some time with his cousin, Sarah at their grandparents’ new home, and the adventures begin with a RASH! They realize he is allergic to ghosts and tries to stay away from them. No success, the ghost needs him to help solve a mystery!

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  • Sled Dog School

    by Terry Lynn Johnson Year Published: 2017

    Matt is great with sled dogs, but terrible at math. Will his extra credit project of setting up a sled dog school be enough to dig him out of trouble or will he get buried even deeper in trouble?

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  • Stella Diaz Has Something to Say

    by Angela Dominguez Year Published: 2018

    Stella Diaz, a marine animal lover, starts a new school year with her best friend in another class. Stella sometimes gets nervous talking in front of people because she accidentally speaks Spanish instead of English and pronounces words wrong. Will Stella be able to overcome her fears of making new friends and speaking in front of the whole class? Find out in Stella Diaz Has Something to Say!

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  • Superstar

    by Mandy Davis Year Published: 2017

    Lester, who has autism spectrum disorder (but doesn’t know it), was always homeschooled. But now his mom has to get a job so he is starting fifth grade in a public school for the first time in his life, where he is faced with the challenges of making friends, fending off bullies and dealing with his intolerance for loud noises and schedule changes. Then space loving Lester learns about the school science fair and things start looking up!

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  • Survival Tails: The Titanic

    by Katrina Charman Year Published: 2018

    Mutt, the dog, follows his owner to the RMS Titanic. Once there, he sneaks aboard the ship in search for Alice, his best friend. With the help of a rat, the captain’s cat and some adorable kittens, Mutt must find Alice before the unthinkable happens. When the ship hits an iceberg, the animals have to hurry to find their owners before the ship sinks.

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  • Tumble & Blue

    by Cassie Beasley Year Published: 2017

    Who doesn’t want to be lucky? Or a hero? But for every up there is a down, and that is how the fates run in the families of Blue Montgomery and Tumble Wilson, thanks to their greedy ancestors. Today, as the blood moon draws near, their unfortunate descendants are returning to face Munch (the mystical golden alligator) and find new fates. Tumble and Blue could have as good a shot as any of the other ill-fated relatives, if the legend proves true.

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  • Wedgie & Gizmo

    by Suzanne Selfors Year Published: 2017

    What do you get when you mix a bouncy, excitable super hero dog with an evil genius guinea pig? Hilarious adventures! Wedgie is a non-stop barking protector dog, who loves everyone - even the furry potato! Gizmo is the evil genius guinea pig out to take over the world, once he defeats his nemesis Gizmo. Will Gizmo make it to Peru and lead the guinea pig take-over?

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