• New Resident to Brevard County

    New Resident to Brevard County

    K-12 Open Enrollment Options


    Brevard Public Schools (BPS) offers Florida residents Open Enrollment options through an Educational Location Option (ELO) or Educational Program Opportunity (EPO).  An ELO application allows a student to attend a school outside their zoned school of attendance and an EPO application allows a student to attend a school offering a specific program with a curriculum connection not offered at their zoned school of attendance. For a list of programs offered at the schools, view the District Educational Program Opportunity (EPO) Matrix.

    BPS Open Enrollment options have published annual application deadlines.  Families, who relocate to Brevard, from outside the county/state, are permitted to apply during the open ELO or EPO timelines. However, if the relocation occurs beyond the deadlines, families will be permitted to apply for an ELO or EPO provided the following required stipulations are met.

    NOTE: Transitioning active duty military families relocating to Brevard County, outside of the application deadlines, are exempt from this process and must contact the Patrick Air Force Base family liaison.


    Required Stipulations

    Required Stipulations:

    • Schools/Programs must have the capacity to accept new students; in compliance with class size amendment (FL Stat. §1003.03) and BPS policy 5121
    • Schools/Programs may NOT have an existing “waitlist” of previous students who applied
    • Students must NOT be enrolled in a Brevard County traditional school, charter school, home education program, virtual school, or private school
    • Parent/Guardian must provide four (4) recent proofs of residency, two (2) from Tier 1 and Tier 2 for your new In-County address and two (2) from Tier 1 and Tier 2 for your Out of County address





            Tier 1 – (2 In County/Out of County)      

    • Homestead Exemption Card or Warranty Deed                                                                                                                               
    • Lease/Rental Agreement (with parent/guardian as the renter) valid within the prior two months     
    • Home sales contract (with an expected closing date within 60 days)           


          Tier 2 – (2 In County/Out of County)    

    • Current homeowner’s insurance policy or bill   
    • Voter registration card    
    • Vehicle Registration or Title    
    • Current automobile insurance policy or bill  
    • Utilities Statement (within last 30-45 days)  



    Transportation is the responsibility of the parent/guardian


    How to Apply?How to apply:     


    1. Carefully read the Terms and Conditions for applying

    2. Review the list of available schools listed further on this page. 

    3. Complete the online form for consideration.  To access the online form, click here

    4. Create an Open Enrollment account (Family Dashboard) accessible at https://www.brevardschools.org/Page/3635
        Upload the four (4) required proofs of residency documents (Note: the proofs of residency on the Family Dashboard site will only ask for two (2), you MUST upload all four (4)):

                  • Two (2) documents outside of Brevard
                  • Two (2) documents within Brevard



     After you have completed the process of How to Apply above, the district will reach out to the schools you listed on their availability. The district will contact you with further information once they have confirmed from the school that you requested has space.

    Available Schools/GradesBrevard County Traditional Schools for the 2022/2023 School Year: 

    Brevard Public Schools closes selected public schools and/or grade levels to open enrollment for “New Resident to Brevard County” requests based on the building capacity at the school, class size at each grade level, and existing waitlists.  Based on the factors listed, the following public schools may be considered. 

    Note: If applicable, there may need to be further consideration to assure that the requested school has the ability to accommodate your child’s needs as stated on their Individual Education Plan (IEP) or Section 504 Accommodation Plan.  


    Review the school lists below for city/geographic location and grade level(s) for consideration. If you can not find the school you are interested in on our availability list, it means that the school maxed out its capacity for each grade level and is unable to accept new students that are not zoned to them. You will be required to provide the names of two schools for consideration on the online form.    




  • Elementary Schools
    Grades Kindergarten-6

Elementary Schools
  • Middle Schools
    Grades 7-8

Middle Schools
  • Junior/Senior High Schools
    Grades 7-12

Junior/Senior High Schools
  • High Schools
    Grades 9-12

High Schools

    For further assistance, please contact  Leading and Learning - Open Enrollment at (321) 633-1000 extension 11395.