School Insurance Application and Information

  • All athletes must be insured in order to participate with Edgewood Athletics; their insurance policy number MUST be included on their EL3 forms submitted prior to participating with their sport. If a student does not have insurance, one very reasonable course of action is the school insurance plan, listed below. This accident insurance plan can also be used as a secondary policy on an existing insurance policy, effectively lessening the impact of any event by providing additional coverage where a primary insurance leaves gaps or copays. 



    School insurance comes in two forms for high school students: "School Time Accident Plan" (two tiers, "A" and "B") and "School Time Plus 24-Hour Full Time Accident Protection Plan" (two tiers, "A" and "B"). The "Accident Plan A" is $15 and covers only school events and FHSAA events (practices and games for any school sport other than football, which requires a different application). The "Accident Plan B" does the same for $28, but with greater payouts. The "Plus" coverage, at $48 (A) or $92 (B), is good for 365 days and extends accident coverage to 24 hours, not limited to just what happens at school or with a school team. 


    *If you have an accident at school that requires ANY kind of professional medical attention (a stop by the urgent care, a follow-up with an ortho, etc.), particularly while participating with an athletic team, please fill out an accident report (furnished by your coach) and return to the school as soon as possible. ACCIDENT FORM HERE*

    **If you have a serious accident or injury where hospital bills may exceed $25,000, please contact the school and speak to the Athletic Director as soon as possible to discuss filing a claim with the school's catastrophic injury policy. If the AD is unavailable, please contact Mark Langdorf at ESF Risk Management (

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