• “Croton chronicle”
    Croton Elementary

    1449 Croton Road, Melbourne, FL  32935    321/259-3818 – Office   321/242-6477 – Fax   www.brevardschools.org/CrotonES

    Dr. Roseann Bennett, Principal                         February 2023                              Nicole Pepin, Assistant Principal

     (Boletín traducido al español y portugués en el sitio web de Croton)  (Boletim traduzido em espanhol e português no site da Croton)

    Important Dates           

     Friday, February 3rd  

        Early Release Day, 1:15 pm

         Tuesday, February 7th

        Club/Class Photos

      Thursday, February 9th       

       Galaxy Skate Night

      Friday, February 10th

      * ~ Interim Ends   

       ~ Early Release Day, 1:15 pm

      Wednesday, February 15th       

        Domino’s Night, 4:00 - 8:00  pm   

      Thursday, February 16th    

      * Science Fair & Awards Night

      Friday, February 17th

        ~ Early Release Day, 1:15 pm

       * ~ Interims Issued Via FOCUS   

      Monday, February 20th

      *  Regular School Day 

      Tuesday, February 21st  

         SAC Meeting, 3:00 pm

      Friday, February 24th    

        Early Release Day, 1:15 pm

      Wednesday, February 25th    

         Elementary Music Festival,

              King Center, 7:00 pm

      February 24th - March 3rd    

        Scholastic Book Fair

      Wednesday, March 1st    

      * STEM Night, 5:00 - 7:00 pm


      *  Calendar Changes



    A Cardinal Reminder

    At arrival and dismissal all cars shall use the car loop on the south side of the school. 

    Please do not block the cross walk on Learning Lane.

    Please note: Students should not be crossing and walking over to the business offices on Eau Gallie Blvd to meet parents.

    This is private property, and Croton does not have permission to use it.  This is creating an unsafe environment for Croton students.


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    Texting and Driving - Florida Ban on Texting While Driving

    Texting while driving is a primary offense, which means you can be pulled over by law enforcement and fined for texting and driving.    

    Fine and penalties of the Texting Law:

    Texting - first offense drivers will be fined $30 and no points will be

    assessed to their driving record

    Texting - Second Texting and Driving offense within 5 years will be

    considered a moving violation and carry a $60 fine and 3 points on your driving record.

    Texting in a School Zone - 2 points added to the primary offense.

    Texting resulting in a crash - 6 points added to the primary offense

    "Wireless Communications Devices" (AKA Cell Phones) can only be used in hands free mode if you are driving in School Zones, School Crossings, or active construction zones. You will now also receive a citation for using any cell phone in a hand held mode in a school zone or construction zone.


    Struggling to provide for your family?

    WE CAN HELP - Friendly SNAP (food stamp) Application Assistance

    Required Interview will be conducted at time of application You can also apply online:

    www.myflorida.com/accessflorida  Because No One Should be Hungry!


    All parents should have access to their student FOCUS accounts.

    If you have not received the PIN for your account, please contact your child’s teacher.


    Conscious Discipline

    Positive choices increase the likelihood that children will cooperate! To deliver choices, think about what you want your child to do and offer two positive


    If your child is running around the house, positive choices would be:

    “You may run around outside or color at the table.“ or “You may run around outside or ride your bike outside.”

    Breathe deeply and make a conscious decision to focus on what you want your child to do. Focus on the

    behavior you want to see, rather than the undesired behavior. Stay positive! 

    School Zones and Work Zones:


    Scholastic Book Fair

    Dates:  February 24th  -  March 3rd

    Students will be visiting the Fair during regular

    Media time.  In addition to a wide variety

    of books, the Fair has computer software,

    posters, pencils, teacher and parent resources, and many  other items.

    Families can visit our Book Fair homepage and get started with eWallet and online shopping at


    Parents take time to visit the bookfair on  STEM Night

    Wednesday, March 1st   5:00 - 7:00 p.m.


     The Importance of Good Attendance  

    School attendance is critical to academic achievement and to good habit building.

    Students in elementary school who are 6 years of age or older are subject to compulsory attendance.

    Excused Absences - Students are only excused for absences with doctor’s notes, court date, religious holidays, death in the immediate family, chronic and extended illnesses and absences approved by the principal.

    Medical Condition - If your child has a medical condition that interferes with him or her attending school reach out to the school counselor or school

    administrator to determine the best course of action.

    Lack of motivation - If your child refuses to attend school reach out to the school for support.

    The School & Family Team  - The school and the student’s family will work together to solve attendance problems and find resources to overcome

    barriers to attendance.

    Eight or more Unexcused absences  - At eight (8) or more unexcused

    absences in 90 calendar days, an attendance referral will be submitted to the District Truancy office for additional assistance. If there is no improvement with the student’s attendance after this assistance, a referral will be filed with the State Attorney’s office.