• 2020-21 Attendance Boundary Updates

    At the January 28, 2020 School Board Meeting, there was a Public Hearing regarding the proposed attendance boundary changes. The staff recommendation was approved unanimously by the School Board. Please click here to see the maps and data for the approved attendance boundary changes. The agenda item materials can be viewed at this link.

    If you have questions or would like to speak to a staff member, please call or email: 

    attendance@brevardschools.org  OR  call us at:  321-735-9735


    You may also find helpful information on the Open Enrollment-Parental Choice webpage and support information on Elementary Educational Location Option and the Choice Timeline Tab for Open Enrollment. 

    Contact the Elementary Leading and Learning department at 321-633-1000 Ext. 11395 for more information.



    01-28-2020  -  School Board held a public hearing and approved the attendance boundary proposals for the School Year 2020-2021.

    Click here for 01-28-2020 School Board Meeting Agenda Item #34.

    Click here for School Year 2020-2021 Attendance Boundary Proposals Maps and Data.

    12-17-2019  -  School Board authorized Public Hearing to be held at the January 28, 2019 School Board Meeting to consider the attendance boundary changes for the 2020-2021 School Year. School Board approved the Attendance Boundary Changes Special Considerations.

    Click here for 12-17-2019 School Board Meeting Agenda Item #38

    Click here for Maps of proposed attendance boundary changes

    Approved Attendance Boundary Changes Special Considerations are:

    • New Viera Area Elementary School will open with no boundary with the exception of Area A.  All students would apply under the Education Location Option (ELO) process ($30 fee and no transportation).
    • The lottery for attending the new Viera Area Elementary School will give priority to students currently attending Quest and Manatee in order to relieve overcrowding at these schools.
    • Grant special consideration for any current student within the new Viera Elementary School Area A (affects 3 families and 5 students) to continue to attend Quest Elementary until they complete elementary school under an ELO process ($30 fee and no transportation).  These students would not be charged the ELO fee to attend the new Viera Area Elementary School.
    • Grant special consideration for any rising 6th graders affected by the Sea Park, Pinewood, Mims and Imperial Estates boundary changes to attend their current school under an ELO process ($30 fee and no transportation).


    12-05-2019 - Attendance Boundary Evaluation Committee Meeting Educational Services Facilities (School Board Building) 4:00 - 6:00 PM Room 904 A. 

    11-19-2019 - Click here for Attendance Boundary Proposals for the School Year 2020-2021

    10-29-2019 - School Board Appointed the Attendance Boundary Evaluation Committee.   October 29, 2019 School Board Meeting Agenda

    10-15-2019 - School Board Workshop was held on Policy Work Session and Capacity. Click the  Capacity Information Package to see Power Point and Capacity Agenda






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