• Hi all,

    First and foremost, any textbooks you received in the summer- please turn these in to the SATELLITE HS MEDIA CENTER.  I will still be collecting these back and checking you off my list that you returned your summer books.

    EFSC is moving to a new course material delivery program, Titan First Day Ready, which provides access to student's required course materials before the first day of class.  With this program, the bookstore will provide you with a convenient package for physical course materials and your digital course materials will be delivered directly to Canvas.

    How it works:

    1. Register for classes.

    2. Approximately one month before classes start, students will receive an email instructing them to review their courses and choose how to receive materials.  ***You will have the option of pick up or delivery.  YOU MUST SELECT PICK UP AND NOT DELIVERY.  You will be picking up from the Melbourne campus bookstore. 

    3. Students will receive an e-mail notification when their order is ready for pick up.  Digital materials will be delivered within Canvas.

    4. All physical materials (except for lab manuals, access codes, and other consumable material) are considered rental and MUST be returned to the bookstore they were received from at the end of term.  Failure to return books in time will result in student financial obligations for the cost of materials. 

    5. Rental material will be due back tot he bookstore they came from during finals week.  Students will receive helpful e-mail reminders to return their rented course material.

    6. The option to OPT OUT will still be there.  If a DE student is opted out of the program at the end of the opt out window, they will need to pay full price for their material.  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU OPT OUT!!!!



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