Fall Enrollment 2021-2022(Deadline pick up August 25, 2021)

    NEW NOTE: All materials, regardless of where you picked them up, are due back to the Satellite Media Center.  If you did not receive books in the summer, only codes, I do expect you to contact me and let me know.  Thanks for helping to make a smoother process. 

    Important Dates and times for receiving fall textbooks: 

    You can drop off summer materials (if you took summer classes) starting August 9th.  For ordering for FALL-do not come in to the media center.  Fill in the Google Form linked to this page and I will contact you regarding your order. 


     Fall Ordering:


    I am currently doing no contact ordering.  Please complete the Google Form to the right with all required information.  You must use your SCHOOL Google account to access this form or it will say that you do not have permission.  (student #@share.brevardschools.org). Please check your Google login. 

    I will electronically fufill your request and notify you via Remind or Satellite email when your books are available to be picked up in the Media Center. Please check your Satellite email for updates (Outlook).  For the fall semester, you will just need to bring your order # and a photo ID to the Eastern Florida Bookstore to pick up textbooks that I did not have in stock.  I will notify you via email if we did not have the books here in the library and that you will need to come to the media center to pick up a voucher.

    The last day to go to the bookstore and pick up in the library will be August 25, 2021 , so you need to take care of this before that date.  DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THEN. 

    EFSC Melbourne Bookstore (321) 433-5677

    EFSC Palm Bay Bookstore (321) 433-5195

    EFSC Cocoa Bookstore (321) 433-7290