• Pre-K Varying Exceptionalities (Pre-K VE)


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    Prekindergarten classrooms serving students ages 3-5 with Individual Education Plans (IEP) with Developmental Delays.


    Pre-K VE classrooms are located throughout Brevard County.  Students with IEPs are placed according to the home address and/or designated serving school.  Parents can contact their home school to find the nearest program or to schedule a meeting to discuss Pre-K ESE IEP programing. 

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    Each Pre-K VE classroom provide students with quality early childhood education using Benchmark Education curriculum Ready to Advance.  Each certified teacher will modify the curriculum, as needed, to develop lesson plans to meet student's individual needs while targeting The Florida State Standards


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    If you don't have an IEP and have concerns with your child's development, contact Child Find at 321-633-1000 Ext. 11552 to make an appointment for a screening. 









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    Michelle Tucci Udo

    Content Specialist
    Pre-K VE Program
    (321) 633-1000 ext. 11483


    Savannah Stephenson

    Content Specialist
    Pre-K VE Program
    (321) 633-1000 ext. 11512