• Just Moved


  • "Just Moved," No Longer Zoned for Student's Current School of Enrollment


    During the academic school year: Have you “Just Moved” and your K-12th grade student is attending a school that they are no longer residentially zoned for?

    During the summer (between academic school years): Have you "Just Moved" and your K-11th grade student attended a school for the prior academic school year (through the end of the academic year) that you are no longer residentially zoned for?

    If your answer is yes (to either question above), you have options.


    Option #1:


    You may request your student remain at the school they are currently attending/enrolled in by completing a “Just Moved” application.

    In order to complete a “Just Moved” application, you must do the following:

    1. Notify the school your student(s) is attending that you just moved.
    2. Login to your Family Dashboard Account to start your "Just Moved "application. These are completed after you move (not before).
    3. Transportation to and from the school is not provided by BPS and is the responsibility of the parent.
    4. Upon BPS approval of the application, the student/parent automatically enter into a contract requiring the student to exhibit appropriate academic effort, attend school regularly, including on-time arrival and pick-up, and exhibit appropriate behavior (Policy 5121).

    (Note:  If you already have an account, you will not need to create a new account.  You will need to upload your new proof of residency).

    After you create your account and upload your new proof of residency, you will start an application.  The application type that you select will be a “Just Moved” application for the current school year.  



    Option #2:


    You may enroll your student into your zoned school based upon your new residential address.  To determine your zoned school, go to School Site Locator (located on the BPS homepage).


    For further assistance, please contact the Office of School Choice (321) 633-1000 extension 11395.