Due to the transition of EFSC classes to an online format and the shift to block scheduling, Rockledge High School will not have a Collegiate High School bus available for the 2019-2020 school year.  Please see Important Notes on the Course Selection page for information about scheduling classes.

Collegiate High School

  • Collegiate High School is a type of Part-time Dual Enrollment which guides students toward getting their A.A. degree and high school diploma simultaneously.  Some advantages of Collegiate High School include the option to ride the Collegiate High School bus to and from Eastern Florida State College during the 10th grade and the ability to take two EFSC courses each summer.  To be eligible for Collegiate High School, students must complete Algebra 1/1b by the end of 9th grade and/or Geometry by the end of 10th grade and attend a Collegiate High School Orientation.  For more information, please see the slide show below that was presented at Rockledge High School on January 23rd, 2020.  * NOTE: Some scores in this presentation are out of date.  See the Placement Testing page for updated information.

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