• AHS School Counselors

    Office Hours

    Monday - Friday**

    9:00 AM - 10:00 AM


    Rebecca Gantenbein

    Last Names - G - K / Advanced Placement (AP) Academy

    E: Gantenbein.Rebecca@BrevardSchools.org

    P: (321) 795-2087 (during office hours only)


    Lauren Hamed

    Last Names - L - M / IEP/ESE

    E: Hamed.Lauren@BrevardSchools.org

    P:  (321) 236-1149 (during office hours only)


    Erin Lelle

    Last Names - N - Z / AVID / EFSC Early Admission 

    E: Lelle.Erin@BrevardSchools.org

    P: (321) 236-1087 (during office hours only)


    Juli Sharpe

    Academy of Fine Arts / Academy of Health Sciences

    E: Sharpe.Juli@BrevardSchools.org

    P: (321) 749-6280 (during office hours only)


    Kathy Shiffrin

    Last Names - A - F

    E: Shiffrin.Kathleen@BrevardSchools.org

    **Mrs. Shiffrin is available Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday ONLY

  • Dual Enrollment Updates:

    Early Admission Application Packet (DEADLINE - MAY 7):


    Registration Process for Summer/Fall:

    1. Student works with the high school counselor to select dual enrollment course(s). 

    2. Counselor completes the Dual Enrollment Registration Form including the counselor and principal
      signature lines. (either electronic or “typed”)

    3. Counselor emails the completed Dual Enrollment Registration Form to the student along with Lisa Topolinski's email address.

    4. Student and parent fill in the signature lines on the Dual Enrollment Registration Form. (Signatures can be
      typed or scanned into the document)

    5. Student must also fill out the Add/Drop Planning Form (click here) including the CRN, Course Subject, Course Number,
      Section, and Course Title. The student’s signature is required on the front and on the back of the form. (If the
      student has questions, the student should email Lisa Topolinski at topolinskil@easternflorida.edu)

    6. Student needs to save both the Dual Enrollment Registration Form and the completed Add/Drop Planning
      Form to upload into the EFSC Document Dropbox.

    7. Student sends both the Dual Enrollment Registration Form and the Add/Drop Planning Form to EFSC to
      register by using the Student Document Dropbox.

    8. To access the Drop box, the student begins by logging into myEFSC, then to Student Document
      Dropbox in the middle of the page. Select the Send to drop down box and select Advising >click Upload.

    9. The EFSC advisor will register the student into the selected courses and will send a confirmation email to the
      student’s Titan email address with course information. The EFSC advisor will copy the high school counselor
      on the student’s email.

    10. If selected course or alternatives are not available, or there is missing information, the EFSC advisor will
      contact the student via his/her Titan email, or by phone. The EFSC advisor will be unable to register the
      student until the issue is resolved. It is the student’s responsibility to check his/her Titan email and

    11. If students want a copy of their schedule, they may print a copy by logging into my EFSC, select EFSC Titan
      Web > Student Services > Registration > Student Detail Schedule or Student Schedule by Day and Time

    12. Students should contact the Titusville Campus EFSC Advisor, Lisa Topolinski, at topolinskil@easternflorida.edu with any questions