• School Board Representatives to the Local Planning Agencies

  • In 2002, Sections 163.3174, 163.31777 and 1013.33 of the Florida Statures were created, requiring each county and non-exempt municipality within that county to enter into an Interlocal Agreement with the District School Board to jointly establish specific ways in which the plans and processes of the District School Board and the Local Governments are to be coordinated. The Brevard County Interlocal Agreement for Public School Facility Planning and School Concurrency, in accordance with Florida Statues 163.3174-Local Planning Agency (LPA), states that "the County and Cities will include a nonvoting representative appointed by the School Board on the local planning agencies...The Cities and County may at their discretion grant voting status to the appointed School Board Member".


    • Shall reside in the municipality.
    • Shall be a community-mined citizen who is interested in serving on an Advisory Board. Prior service on community boards and/or committees is desirable, but not mandatory.
    • Shall be knowledgeable about planning, zoning, and land use issues.
    • Shall be knowledgeable about Brevard County Public School issues.
    • Shall be knowledgeable about, willing to learn about, Brevard County Public School facility planning criteria. Such criteria shall include the Educational Plant Survey, the Five-Year Work Program, the Student Accommodation Plan, enrollment projections, and revenue projections for the School District.
    • Shall be knowledgeable about, and willing to support School Board Policies.


    Newly appointed representatives receive one-on-one training and introduction to the activities and processes that are vital to School District planning. The Planning Staff also assists the representatives with agenda items when school related matters will be discussed. The representatives are not "required" to report to the staff or School Board, but, group meetings are held on a regular basis to discuss common issues. Occasionally, one-on-one sessions are held in order to address specific issues.

    Each representative is given a handbook outlining guidelines for serving as a School Board Local Planning Agency Representative.

Local Planning Agency Representatives

Local Planning Agency Representatives